Monday, May 21

manners and instant karma

I was in the supermarket the other day and I gave way to a woman in the aisle so that she could get past as the area I was in would only take one shopping trolly in the gap the store workers left for customers while stocking the shelves.

 I didn't have to do this as I had right of way and I was in the area first. But I did give way as I was brought up to be a Gentleman.

 The woman (note I am not calling her a lady) just swanned past me as if it was her god given right and didn't even say 'thank you' let alone give any acknowledgement as to what I had done.

 A thank you goes a long way when you are a Gentleman.

 After picking up a few extra items I wanted I was in the queue for a checkout, as as typical in shopping centres world wide, a gaggle of gossipy women formed behind me in the queue as commenced to talk about anything and everything that is pointless.

 As I was placing my items on the conveyer belt of the checkout I noticed the same lady that I had given way to trying to get past the gossip girls.

 But they didn't give way to her.

 She didn't say 'excuse me' to them.

 She ended up having to go back the way she had traveled to get to the area she wanted via a different route.

 I smiled to myself as I saw this as instant karma for her lack of manners.

So remember folks, manners go a long way, and keep people happy :-)