Sunday, March 11

Tsunami and Fukushima - one year on

Today marks the first year since the Tsunami that devastated Fukushima and surrounding areas.

 I was fortunate that I didn't loose anyone in the disaster, but for a while I was frantic with worry.  At the times I was talking online with Mrs Shelldrake who was in Japan at the time.

 As we were talking she said "uh oh! Earthquake".

These were her last words to me. As soon as she uttered those words we were cut off.

I couldn't get back in touch with her, as a few minutes later the news was reporting a massive earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. They didn't say at the time where it was.

 This only made me worry even more.

 I tried to get back in touch with Mrs Shelldrake without success through out the evening.

 That night was one of the worst I have ever experienced.

 The next day had better news for me - with limited power back on in parts of Japan I received a phone call letting me know that she was ok.

 I was lucky. Many others were not.

My thoughts go out to those who were effects, and those still without homes and loved ones.

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  1. What a horrible experience that must have been for you Ian. My sympathies to you and Mrs Shelldrake.

    However, as you say, many others were not as fortunate and it is good to not forget that